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With winter approaching, our hair is going to need all the nourishment and moisture that it can get.

We always prioritise our skin in the colder months as we can physically feel the drying effects, but most of us neglect our hair. During the winter months hair can become dry and frizzy thanks to the colder temperatures, frosty winds and central heating. The sudden drop in temperatures causes moisture loss, and the lack of sunshine providing us with vitamin D, combined with frosty winds cause hair to be dry and brittle. In winter we tend to use hairdryers and hot styling tools more often which inevitably cause split ends.

But there are so many products out there which claim to protect the hair from heat damage, the environment etc it’s hard to know which ones to chose? and are they any good? We have tested many over the years but in our opinion Moroccanoil is the ultimate in hair repair and protection. Moroccanoil is an argan oil infused innovation that has revolutionised hair care

So here our favourite Moroccanoil products that will rescue your hair this winter:

1.Moroccanoil Treatment

After washing your hair with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner it is time to add this wonder product. Moroccanoil treatment will calm and supply the hair with all the nutrients it needs . It is versatile, nourishing and residue free and blends perfectly with other products and speeds up drying time. Its unique formula transports loss proteins, fatty acids, omega 3 oils leaving hair smooth, manageable and nourished. Apply a small amount to clean towel dried hair from mid length to ends to provide all the nourishment your hair needs.




  1. Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection

The Moroccanoil heat styling protection spray prevents breakage and split ends. It creates a thermal veil to allow hair to withstand extreme heat, and provides a soft hold and glossy finish. The vitamin enriched formula nourishes, whilst the heat protection agent prevents breakage and split ends. Spray it onto towel dried hair after applying Moroccanoil treatment and the results are healthy, naturally beautiful hair with a glossy finish.


3.Moroccanoil Root Boost

Winter months can turn voluminous locks limp and lifeless. The Moroccanoil root boost spray creates a strong, textured foundation for volume and lift prior to styling. Infused with antioxidant rich argan oil it coats and thickens each strand to provide texture, body and movement that lasts. Apply to the roots of towel dried hair before blowdrying in sections with a round brush lifting away from the scalp as you go.


4.Restorative Mask

The Moroccanoil restorative mask is our ultimate hair hero. We recommend you use this product once a week to restore hair from environmental elements such as the wind and cold. This treatment quickly repairs weak and damaged hair as it infuses protein back into the hair shaft so it becomes stronger. It restructures hair that has been damaged by chemical treatments and heat styling. Apply it after you shampoo , leave it on for 5-7 minutes, rinse off and seal in with your regular conditioner. Use it once a week throughout the winter months to repair and nourish hair.


And finally don’t forget to always dry your hair before you leave the house as this will help prevent coughs and sneezes , and a healthy you means healthy hair.