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We are proud to have developed our own range of Aftercare products suitable for use on our clip in hair extensions:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Leave in Conditioner
  • Heat protection Spray
  • Extensions Boost
  • Argan Oil
  • Clarifying Shampoo

Hair extensions do not produce their own oils. Over a period of time, the extension can dry, becoming brittle and less attractive. One of the main keys to prolonging the lifespan of your extensions is to re hydrate and protect. We moisturize our skin, so why not the hair? A good moisturizing barrier will do just this. The best moisture for hair is actually water. Water is good internally and externally for hair. Internally a well-hydrated body means that there is sufficient moisture for hair function, externally it means that the hair can maintain elasticity and suppleness. As extensions are not fed by the body, it is essential to hydrate and feed them manually. For moisturizing your extensions, water is the king. However, your extensions are porous and keeping this moisture in is next to impossible without sealing it in. Trapping Moisture In The Extensions The best way to trap moisture in your extensions is to use a sealant. Moisturizers/sealants are made of large molecules. These molecules are too large to be absorbed by the hair strand. Instead what they do is coat the strands and seal in the moisture that is already in the hair. So the key to avoiding dry extensions is to hydrate and seal – but without using/suffering from the drying effects of products that are not designed to help. A good moisturizing coat does not just seal, it also enhances the brilliance and lustre of your natural hair colour. Our shampoo, conditioner and treatments coat, seal, help restore and add shine, and with their luxurious modern package they look amazing in any bathroom.

So why not go and check them out…
Liberty Aftercare Products

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