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Holidaying on the beautiful island of Kefalonia got me thinking about my next

The island is full of young modern Greek women and I have never seen so many stylish ladies with beautifully rich healthy hair. There is endless creativity that a Greek hairstyle allows you to incorporate: Jewelry, braids, big, bouncy curls or soft subtle waves. So many fun yet intricate styles.

Originally Ancient Greek women were known for their flowing gowns , toga dress and beautiful hairstyles. But what about modern Greek women? Do they take their hair inspiration from ancient Greece or is there a new source of modern influence?

I sat quietly on a beautifully Saturday evening dining in the bustling capitol city of Argostoli,  and could not believe how may perfectly formed hairstyles there were around me. Amidst them all there was definitely a heavy influence of today’s modern celebrity. The hair was either long and flowing with intricate braids, or up and braided with a modern twist. With so many styles to choose from I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourites  .And i’d love to know which you like the best…..

1.Low Slung Bun With Tiara

A simple yet stylish hairstyle for the modern woman. Adding a few clip in extensions will add volume to this simple yet chic style . The tiara add a subtle amount of glamour to this beautiful style.

2.Ponytail Braided Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a modern creation and perfect for a special occasion. You can achieve this by adding lots of volume with clip in hair extensions and a lot of backcombing to the crown. A small braid either side meet at the rear and merge into a cascading curled ponytail.

3.Dutch Braid Crown

With this style use your hair to create the crown as the main focus. Then with added extensions for volume and length to create these beautiful waves

4.Fishtail Braided Crown

This style is so easy to create and is definitely for someone on the go. It is basically two fishtail braids pinned together . Simple yet making a statement.

5.Braided Chignon

This would work for those seeking a smart low key hairstyle. French braids pinned and tied into a chignon. The hairstyle is easy to wear and easy to maintain

We Hope you enjoyed this article on Greek Hairstyles. We’d love to know what you think . Until next time…. 😊 Sarah x