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So what is all this fuss about the latest seamless clip in hair extensions??… so many people message me and ask what is the difference with the seamless extensions and why they any better than the extensions  we have been wearing for years? And all I can say is that they really are a revolution !!!!!!So If fabulous, long and voluminous hair sounds up your street, our revolutionary Seamless Remy hair extensions are definitely  the answer to your hair-prayers. 70% thinner than the traditional lace banding, these are much slimmer and much more lightweight. Made of Superior quality 100% human hair, our clip-in extensions provide you with a natural boost and shine like no other.The silicone banding at the top of each weft fuses and compresses the hair in place as it sets, which means no more shedding, maximizing their lifespan. They can adapt to any shape and remain virtually undetectable. How amazing is that!

So here’s the lowdown……

Our sets still comprise of the most gorgeous superior quality Remy human hair, it’s just that the banding that holds the hair in place that has changed

The Original lace banding ……..

And now the Seamless banding …..

Thanks to the new silicone design the wefts are virtually undetectable when clipped in as they lie so flat  the head.They don’t pull or feel heavy resulting in a very comfortable natural look. This seamless technology means that the wefts are less prone to shedding and tangles, so if you continue to love and take care of your gorgeous hair it can have an even longer life span.

If you’re going for a highlighted shade you may think that the hair colour in the new seamless wefts look a little different. But don’t panic this is just how the wefts are sealed in the silicone banding , the tones blend beautifully  once they are fitted to the head.


We are totally in love with the seamless band upgrade and I know you are gong to fall in love with them too.

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Until next time…

Sarah xox