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So What Are Seamless Hair Extensions?

So what is all this fuss about the latest seamless clip in hair extensions??… so many people message me and ask what is the difference with the seamless extensions and why they any better than the extensions  we have been wearing for years? And all I can say is that they really are a revolution. More…

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Clipping in and Caring for Hair Extensions: A Complete Guide

If you’re not using hair extensions, you’re missing out on so many potential hairstyles that could be perfect for completing that killer outfit or look. If you are using hair extensions, then you might have a few questions. Don’t worry, we get them all the time – so we put together this guide to help. More…

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So Why Choose Clip In Hair Extensions ?

These days you don’t have to be a rich Celebrity to be able to achieve the hair you have always dreamed of. And with clip in hair extensions so readily available you don’t have to spend all day in the salon either to get long flowing locks. You can now create your dream hair within. More…

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Prepare Your Hair For Winter With Moroccanoil

With winter approaching, our hair is going to need all the nourishment and moisture that it can get. We always prioritise our skin in the colder months as we can physically feel the drying effects, but most of us neglect our hair. During the winter months hair can become dry and frizzy thanks to the. More…

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