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From ‘Gossip Girl’ to motherhood , Blake Lively has become our ultimate hair icon.

Whether she’s on the red carpet or off duty her hair always looks amazing. From up-dos to ponytails to red carpet waves  in either Vanilla Blonde, Honey Blonde or Bronde, she gets it right every time. Blake epitomises healthy, glossy, long, luscious hair, and her tresses always exude an amazing shine. When creating Liberty Hair Extensions our aim was to allow all women with different hair types to achieve gorgeous, enviable hair like Blake’s. Our clip-in extensions add the length and volume your hair needs to recreate her styles.

So here are our top 5 Blake Lively styles and how you can recreate them with your Liberty Hair Extensions.

(Don’t forget to always add heat protection to your hair, paying special attention to your extensions)


Beachy Waves

Blake Lively - Beachy Waves

We love Blake’s easy, no fuss beachy waves that have become her signature style.

Start by rough drying your hair with your fingers, lifting the roots for extra volume. Clip in your Liberty Hair Extensions to add volume and texture for this style. Using a flat iron to create the curls, take random pieces of hair, spray with a heat protection spray and hold the flat iron at a quarter to half turn and then slide it through to the ends whilst keeping the iron closed (you may also find it helps to hold the ends of the hair whilst curling). Alternate the direction of the curls around the ears and underneath to create the beachy look. Finally take sections of the hair and spritz with a texturing spray and tousle and scrunch the hair through your fingers to the ends.

Mermaid Half Braid With Clip

Blake Lively - Mermaid Half Braid With Clip

This is a gorgeous half braid / half messy style teamed with a pretty flower accessory.

Start by creating a side parting and then clip in two or three of the larger wefts from your hair extensions set to the rear of your head. Then create two or three random plaits of different sizes and finally a larger fishtail plait starting at the nape of the neck, securing the ends with bands. Roughly  gather all the hair over to one side and secure with bobby pins and decorate with a large pretty hair accessory. Spritz the hair all over with texturing spray and gently tease the plaits to create a more unfinished look and also gently release a few strands from around the face. Finally tousle the hair with your fingers and tie together the hair and plaits at the end with a large band.

Messy Hair Up Do

Blake Lively - Messy Hair Up Do

A beautiful twist on a traditional low bun

Start by sectioning a large piece of hair from the front on each side of the parting and clip out of the way. Clip in two or three of the larger wefts from your hair extensions set to the rear of your head. Now create a small braid on each side of the parting, secure the ends and clip out of the way. Add texturing spray and tousle the loose hair and plaits with your fingers (leave the two sections that were clipped out of the way at the front) ,twist the hair into a low bun and secure with bobby pins. Finally take the two sections to each side of the parting and sweep them round towards the bun and pin them in place, leaving a few strands loose to frame the face.

Red Carpet Waves

Blake Lively - Red Carpet Waves

This is our favourite style – elegant, classy and beautiful

Run some volume mousse through from the roots to the tips and blow dry roughly to add volume and texture. Add your full set of Liberty Hair Extensions and create a deep side parting. Take a large section of hair, spray with a heat protection spray and using a large barrelled curling iron, curl the first curl towards your face, roll up and secure with a bobby pin . Then continue curling each section in the opposite direction to the one before. Pin them all with bobby pins to your head in a staggered pattern. Spray the curls with hairspray and once the hair is cool remove the pins. Taking a large paddle brush and using the palm of your hand, sculpt the hair forwards and towards your face and finish with a mist of shine spray .

Modern Half Up Half Down

Blake Lively - Modern Half Up Half Down

This feminine half up style combine the best of both (hair) worlds.

This style works well on the day after your hair has been washed. Add some dry shampoo to the roots to absorb any oil and to refresh the hair. Add your full set of Liberty Hair Extensions. Spritz the hair in sections with texturing spray and tousle the hair with your fingers, teasing and scrunching the hair as you work your way through to the ends. If you want to you can add a few random waves with a flat iron (don’t forget to use a heat protection spray). At the crown backcomb a little adding hairspray to create some volume. Make a tight braid or twist in each small section at the side of the face and tie them together in the back of your head with a small rubber band .Gently release a few strands of hair from around the face as you don’t want the style looking too sleek.