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Gigi Hadid is a true Californian girl at heart with a signature hairstyle of beachy waves and even more beachy waves, but lately her styles have been so much more. She has experimented with hair extensions, a faux fringe and a half wig to create a multitude of evolutionary styles that have  secured her a place in the supermodel hall of fame. A lot of her styles are achievable with a little help from a set of super thick clip in hair extensions. Gigi is not afraid to experiment with the latest style or  colour – albeit different shades of blonde and we just can’t get enough of her !

So here are our favourite looks that are easily achievable with a little help from our luxurious clip in  extensions. And don’t forget to show us your style :

Softy waves

Her signature soft waves in fresh blonde at the 2014 American Music Awards. Just pop in your clip in extensions and curl gently with a wand, or plait and leave to dry naturally

Loose Chignon

Gigi wore this effortless loose falling out chignon in 2015. People always assume that clip in extensions are fitted when your hair is down , but that is not the case. Hair extensions can be entwined to create a multitude of beautiful up-dos just like this one

Braided Top knot

A gorgeous crown like top knot that Gigi wore in 2015 for the launch of her Maybelline collaboration. You Bulk out your top knot with hair extensions if you have longer hair. Or tie back shorter hair into a high ponytail and create the braids with the extensions and attach around the ponytail

Faux Bob

Another style in 2015, where Gigi fooled us all with a new bob hairstyle! Her hair stylist actually used a half wig to create this very drastic look on Gigi.

Power Pony

With the help of some super thick clip in extensions Gigi wore this amazing sleek ponytail to the 2016 Met Gala Ball

Mammoth Braid

The I Heart Radio Music Awards in 2016 saw Gigi wearing a vibrant red suit upon which sat a voluminous mega braid

Faux Fringe

In 2016 taking a break from her signature middle parted waves Gigi rocked a  full bodied clip in fringe to accompany her honeyed locks

This is why we are so in love with the model of the moment and Hollywood it-girl Gigi Hadid

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