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In order to prolong the life of your Liberty hair extensions we recommend following our aftercare guidelines:

Liberty Aftercare Products

We recommend only using our Aftercare products that have been specifically developed for hair extensions.

Hair extensions do not produce their own oils, so over a period of time the extensions can become dry, brittle and less attractive.

Washing too often or using the wrong products can affect the quality of the hair extensions. Specially developed to help your Liberty Hair Extensions to look fantastic for as long as possible, our Aftercare range consists of shampoos, conditioners, styling products and treatments – each offering unique benefits. Featuring high quality cleansing and moisturizing agents, the Liberty Hair Extensions Aftercare range is kind to hair and extensions.

A complete shampoo and conditioning treatment should be applied every 4-6 weeks and then only really if you need to.

Clip in Extensions

You can wear your clip in hair extensions as much as you like but please remember to take them out before sleeping as they may become tangled. Try not to continuously brush your extensions as this can lead to hair loss and only brush the extensions when they are dry. Looking after your hair extensions will allow you to enjoy them for as long as possible.


Gently brush the extensions through before washing.

Fill a bowl with luke warm water and add a few squirts of moisturizing/ nourishing sulphate free shampoo and mix it into the water. Holding up each extension, squeeze and work the shampoo down the hair from the clips to the end. Do not roll or rub the hair and always work in the same direction. Lay the hair extensions in the water for a few minutes.

Rinse in cool water and gently squeeze out any excess water.

Next apply a deep conditioning treatment/conditioner to the hair. Apply the treatment by using the palm of your hand to work the treatment through the hair in the same direction from top to bottom. Once the hair is fully coated leave in an empty sink for 10 minutes.

Rinse again with cool water and gently squeeze out the excess water.

Finally a blast of cold water will help to restore shine and coat the cuticles.

Squeeze out the water and lay the extensions on a towel. Never use a comb when they are wet as like your natural hair it is at it’s weakest point when wet. Apply a heat protection spray as this will seal in moisture and protect your extensions from drying out.

Leave the extensions to dry naturally overnight.

Always protect your Liberty hair extensions with a heat protection spray before styling. A protection spray suitable for wet hair for using after washing the extensions and one suitable to use on dry hair before styling. (be aware that ones containing alcohol can be very drying)


Liberty hair extensions can be dyed to match your hair if you are in between shades. We generally recommend that your extensions can be dyed up to two shades darker but do not recommend lightening or bleaching the hair as they have already been through a chemical process and it will affect the condition of the hair. We advise that you seek professional advice when dyeing the extensions. Dyed extensions are non refundable.


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