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Ordering Xanax Online Forum, Buy Xanax Brand Name


In stock

Ordering Xanax Online Forum, Buy Xanax Brand Name

If you’re looking to get some extra volume or length with hair extensions, look no further. Remy human hair extensions are made up of three separate ranges, each differing in the volume and length they offer, and all complete with an extensive selection of hair tones. We’re sure you’ll find your perfect match. 70% thinner than the traditional lace banding, these are much slimmer and much more lightweight.

The beautiful mixed blonde Buttercream is just one example in our Luxury range of Remy hair extensions. From just the pictures you can see the level of quality we’re talking about, and you’ll feel the quality too. Made of 100% human hair, the full-head sets provide natural-looking volume and all-round enviable hair.


Colour: Mixed blonde

Tone: Neutral

100% Remy Human Hair Extensions

Weight: 250g

Length: 20”

8 piece set consisting of the following:

  • One x 8” wide with 4 clips
  • One x 7” wide with 4 clips
  • Two x 6” wide with 3 clips
  • Two x 4″ wide with 2 clips
  • Two x 1.5 “ wide with 1 clip
  • 20 clips in total


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